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Mycotoxin-JulieLoganFeb1-2020Dr. Julie Logan
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The Hidden Cause of Inflammatory Illness

Date:February 1, 2021

Abstract: Mycotoxin exposure is more common than previously thought, and in genetically susceptible individuals, can lead to crippling illness, including worsening neuroimmune conditions such as PANS/PANDAS.


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Small Intestinal
Bacterial Overgrowth: (SIBO):
Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Implications for Children with Chronic GI Dysfunction

 SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) is a complex medical issue that is present in more than half of people suffering from IBS and is one of the reasons that normally effective therapies for dysbiosis fail.

In SIBO, bacterial (and fungal) overgrowth exist, but the problem is amplified by an abnormal movement pattern of the intestines. The resulting damage leads to the inability of the intestines to do the work of digestion, which leads to more bacterial overgrowth, and so the cycle continues. Patients with multiple digestive issues, including children with autism, may be at risk for developing SIBO. We will discuss the contributing factors and present a number of testing and treatment options. Correcting SIBO is a multi-step process that involves specific supplements, medications, and diet.


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