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I am currently working at two clinics. 


  • For in-depth nutritional and functional solutions to chronic illnesses, health problems related to aging, women's health concerns, pediatric developmental challenges, as well as maintaining wellness, we offer advanced assessment and comprehensive therapies. I also perform chiropractic adjustments with a focus on rebalancing the Autonomic Nervous System.  This is a key aspect of overcoming chronic disease and maintaining optimal health. You can schedule an appointment with me at:  True Health Medical and Wellness Center in Lake Zurich, IL .  Call 847-719-5800 make sure to ask for Dr. Julie Logan! We accept Blue Cross PPO insurance.

  • For biomedical treatment for pediatric conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorders/ PDD, PANDAS/PANS, ADD/ADHD, OCD, and nutritional problems related to Down's Syndrome you can schedule an appointment with me at: True Health Medical Center in Naperville, IL. I work in collaboration with Dr. Anju Usman Singh, who is the medical director. - Call 630-995-4242 make sure to ask for Dr. Julie Logan!

  • Not sure which is best for your situation?  Send me a message via the contact form .

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